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Revolutionise your facial cleansing!

Revolutionise your facial cleansing!

On average people are cleaning their face for 20 seconds a day, 20 seconds?! We are not even thinking about what we are doing as we swish a face wipe across our face, even worse we may have spent good money on an expensive cleanser and we expect it to do what it says on the tin in only 20 seconds.

Imagine how many times we touch our face, how much dirt just falls on to our skin as we go about our day, exhaust fumes as we walk on a pavement, PUBLIC TRANSPORT (no need to expand on that one), in the gym...(24% of women don't wash their face after excercising ... really?!) I know I don't!!!

57% of women apply makeup OVER make up from the day before!!

If you haven't run screaming to the bathroom cabinet to grab a cleanser by now, then you are a toughie, and I apologise to those suffering from OCD.

When we have a clean hydrated skin, we need less moisturiser and less make up (if we wear it). So its more economical to cleanse properly, our skin looks brighter and alive with health.

I'm not talking about STRIPPING the skin, a good cleanse should leave your natural oils intact, so that its feels plump and dewy fresh after cleansing. Never tight or sore!

This Is a Cleansing Revolution!


USE an oil based cleanser - Dermalogica's NEW Pre-cleanse Balm is IDEAL! 

Using a piece from the tube about the size of a chickpea, evenly divided on to fingertips of both hands swipe cheekbone to ears, centre of chin to jaw under ears, centre forehead to temples.

Gently rotate fingers thoroughly all over the face, to the ears and around the back of the ears,  around the mouth, to the hairline and close to the eyes, under the jaw, down the neck and I really advise going around the back of the neck. 

Add plenty of tepid water which will allow the product to emulsify into a milky consistency and rinse off the skin, taking all oily dirt away with it. Leaving your skin FRESH and healthy.

Then use ANOTHER cleanser, recommended by a Dermalogica skin therapist, such as ourselves at IntoBeauty, and use in a similar way.

The results are so inspiring, that you will never neglect the cleansing part of your skin care routine again!

As a beauty therapist, my experience of using Precleanse Balm for a month, and I've never had such healthy fresh COMFORTABLE skin after cleansing.

Call us for a FREE skin consultation to get the right cleanser for your skin and to try the Precleanse Balm. The way it removes dirt is a revelation and we can prove it!

The first 3 people to buy Precleanse get a FREE Travel size, a FREE full size Dermalogica gentle make up Remover and a headband to keep the hair out of the way of a cleansing frenzy!