Into Beauty


A Very Special IntoBeauty Back Treatment


The 'IntoBeauty Back Skin Treatment' really is very special, it has double benefits of relaxation and deep cleansing.

The skin on your upper back is another area of our body that reflects what is going on inside, plus the sensitive spine with all its synovial fluid and musculature supporting the rest of the body - needs some loving care and attention sometimes!

After lying on the couch we ensure you are comfortable with pillows and we raise your feet slightly to ease any tension in your lower back.

We then cleanse, exfoliate, removing any blocked pores using the highly professional Dermalogica products and clarisonic brush or ultrasound to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Then the best part of this treatment arrives, the amazing 'SeaSource Detox Spa Sea Mud Mask'. This is an enriched, sea derived mud that contains stimulating ingredients like ginger root extract, altigomer sea salt, bladderwrack extract, and bentonite clay.

It wraps you in comfort, leaves your skin glowing and yourself feeling at one with the world. Whilst this is working its magic, your feet are massaged to aide your complete relaxation.

Followed by a delightfully thorough moisturising back massage, you will leave us ready to expose your beautiful back, and bring peace to the world!