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Detox those aching muscles and soothe those stressed nerve endings, concentrating on muscle tension and culminating in soothing strokes to send the mind drifting away as if on a gently rocking row boat... ahh, bliss!


Holistic Body Massage    Full Body 60 mins £50     Back Massage 30 mins £30

Detox those aching muscles and soothe those stressed nerve endings, concentrating on muscle tension and culminating in soothing strokes to send the mind drifting away as if on a gently rocking row boat... ahh, bliss!

DeStress Massage 45 mins £38

The best 45 minutes you’ll spend, to wind you down and take your mind off your thoughts for a while, in a massage devoted to your neck, shoulders and back.
30 long minutes spent working on knots and tension in the back and hips, then turning over to have the neck and shoulders massaged again with soothing scalp and forehead pressure points gently stimulated to set your mind free...
Great for when you don’t have a lot of time, but you do have a lot of stress.

Aromatherapy Massage 90 mins  £65

Essential oils blended to mirror your needs, the massage performed as gently or as firmly as required, a continuation of IntoBeauty’s muscle tension relief followed by massage moves to release the mind to a calm plateau. Leave IntoBeauty ready to bring peace and love to the world!

Massage Therapy    60mins £55    30mins £30

Clara Zapata is a very qualified and experienced Massage Therapist. An extremely empathetic, kind and considerate person, she is equally capable of thorough and strong massage! Every massage she gives is uniquely tailored to the needs of her clients. Your massage may contain any of the techniques described below after consultation with you.

Deep tissue massage

Treat chronic pain, lower back pain, stiff neck and any constricted areas in the body; also beneficial in recovering from injuries. This therapy helps to realign the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue by using specific and slower techniques.


Especially tailored for the expectant mother. Improves pregnancy health by reducing stress, decreases swelling in arms and legs and general relief for aches and pains. One of the benefits of this therapeutic treatment is the comfort and emotional support it provides.


Reflex points in the feet and hands correspond to specific organs, glands and all parts of the body. In a reflexology treatment the therapist applies pressure to these points sending signals to the nervous system to release endorphins and help reduce pain and stress. Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy that promotes relaxation, improves circulation, soothes tired feet and encourages overall well being.

Lymphatic drainage massage

A gentle form of massage which stimulates the flow of the lymphatic system, and in doing so it improves metabolism, assists the body in eliminating waste and toxins. It improves the immune system and circulation, aids detox, increases vitality and leaves you feeling refreshed.


A specific treatment protocol design to alleviate pain in the jaw and face which can be very intense. Temporomandibular joint is created by poor malfunctioning of the jaw joint and the muscles around it which is responsible for the movement of the jaw. There are many causes, such as, teeth grinding, whiplash injury, dentures, repetitive chewing...and many symptoms such as: headaches and migraines, clicking of the jaw, neck, shoulder and back pain. This treatment will help you to release discomfort and pain and improves function.

Reiki Massage Treatment Reiki Massage Treatment 75 mins - £50 /Added to other treatments 15 mins - £15/ 30 mins - £25

The chinese method in which the practitioner channels energy through hands placed on or near the clients body, allowing deeper relaxation and pain relief. Please wear loose fitting clothes with sleeves.


Allow the city grime to fall away and Get the Glow...

Back Skin Deep Cleanse 45mins -£45

An incredibly relaxing deep cleanse for the back, great for pre holiday to be sure your skin is good for exposure! Or for Acne prone backs. Using steam, Clarisonic body brush, exfoliation, removing any blockages, followed by a gorgeously relaxing Black mud from the Dead sea

Body Polish 30 mins - £30

Get that Zing Zing back! Feel energised and invigorated after our fabulously feel-good detox and hydrating body Polish. The quickest pick-me-up since an espresso. Add on a Get the Glow facial on to complete the total body revitalising. We use a swiss product range Arbonne containing soothing Maris Sal, Spirulina, Sea Kelp, Sea fennel for detoxifying and shea butter and olive oil to remoisturise.

Finders Salt Brushing 30mins £30

Invigorate and revitalise body and soul. Fly from IntoBeauty ready to take on the world! • Salt Brushing Health giving sea salts will smooth by removing dead skin cells and help to break down fatty tissues whilst invigorating and stimulating circulation. Rich in 21 minerals and mixed with coconut oil and lemon oil with vitamin E. Very moisturising and softening. Leave us feeling like a Princess about to meet the public!

Dermalogica Enzymatic Sea Mud 90 mins - £60

Regenerate a sluggish system by a thoroughly detoxing and bringing your body back to life! Natural earth clays draw out impurities while tropical Asian ginger and white tea stimulate circulation and smooth skin. Customised essential oils and caffeine provide all over toning. Leave IntoBeauty knowing you’ll feel confident in your slimmest dress! •You receive our full attention and expertise while you relax and leave your thoughts behind.


It is essential to your health and beauty to regularly escape from your busy and stressful lives, to find a more peaceful and natural state of being. A totally indulgent time for you and only you! You can also create your own treatment package from our range.

Wellbeing £140 Body Polish, Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap, Full Body Massage and Nourishing facial. 3 hrs of Pure Indulgence

Upliflting £120 DeStress Massage, Body Polish and Revitalising Skin Treatment 2 hrs 30 mins of Indulgence!

Reviving £115 Manicure, Pedicure, Eyebrow Shape and Tint, Eyelash Tint and Get the Glow Facial 2 hr 45 mins of Treats! 


Sienna Bronzing Application 45mins £35

Afraid of smudges or uneven application? Want to glow brightl,y or look as if you’ve had 2 weeks in the sun? We can do either, but you will have a smooth application!

Full Body Bronzing application of Sienna Professional Bronzing Mousse.
Perfect colour, especially on fair skins.
Instant colour.
When washed away after 4 to 8 hours, reveals a holiday glow to last for at least a week.
Includes body exfoliation.

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Please note:
We require 48 hours notice of cancellation.
A full treatment charge will be made if not provided.
Thank you.