February month of Lurve....

This month we NOURISH our dry, red, tight, itchy, sad, skins to feed them LOVE and RADIANCE.

Imagine that! Your skin fully hydrated and glowing with health! FEEL the freshness of a cool, calm, soft skin. BANISH tightness, itchiness, redness and discomfort.

20% Off our Dermalogica Hydration Skin Treat £44 instead of £56. A saving of £11.

See our helpful tips and info on our blog page!

We also have a 20 minute skin treat for anyone who buys Calm Water Gel and/or Barrier Defense booster (also on our blog page).

Valentines Vouchers available on our Gift Voucher Page! 


25% Off these 2 Special Offers wishing you Joy and Beauty

1. Back Massage and Get the Glow Skin Treatment £45, a saving of £15, 60mins of beauty bliss to comfort you throughout the month.

2. BioSurface Peel. Bring back beautiful skin for the longer term with this deep peel, 3 sessions 2 weeks apart for £165, a saving of £55 (usually £220) highly recommended for a new skin surface. You can read all about the BioSurface peel on the Blog page!


Better Book Quick!




(Sorry no October Offer, this year!)

Get some CACI treatments in before Christmas with our 20% OFF OFFER.

Relieve pre Christmas stress, lift the facial muscles and hydrate your skin for a perky, youthful look.

OR have as many CACI treatments In November at 20% OFF

Please note: For November we are taking 20% OFF a course of CACI, we usually take 5% OFF. The total amount OFF is 20%


CACI Eye Revive

35 mins £35 course of 10 £350 NOV 20% OFF £280


CACI Classic non Surgical Face Lift

1hr £55 course of 10 £550   NOV 20% OFF £440


CACI and Wrinkle Comb

1hr 15mins £65 course of 10 £650  NOV 20% OFF £520


CACI Jowl and Dermalogica IonActive Skin Treatment

1hr £83 course of 3 £249 NOV 20% OFF £199


CACI Eye Revive and Dermalogica IonActive Skin Treatment

1hr 20mins £90 course of 3 £270 NOV 20% OFF £216

CACI Classic and Dermalogica IonActive Skin Treatment

1hr 45mins £110 course of 3 £230 NOV20% OFF £264

CACI Ultimate Facial

1hr 30mins £80 course of 10 £880 NOV 20% OFF £640


CACI Jowl Treatment

15 mins £25 course of 10 £250 NOV 20% OFF £200


CACI Classic with Jowl treatment

75mins £65 course of 10 £650 NOV 20% OFF £520 


CACI Neck Treatment

45mins £45 course of 10 £450 NOV 20% OFF £360


CACI ageSmart non Surgical Face Lift

1hr 30mins £85 course of 10 £850 NOV 20% OFF £680 

We hope you enjoy all your treatments at IntoBeauty

September Offer

Three Fabulous offers to Bring back Summer Skies!

1. CACI Eye Revive 30% Off £24 (usually £35)

A superb eye lifting and brightening treatment, using CACI muscle toning and a beautiful mask treatment to reduce lines and puffiness around the eye area. Get Yours Now!

2. 30-30-30 is still ongoing while stocks last! £30

This is another superb Offer from Dermalogica:

30 minute skin treatment with face mapping - 30 days of skin care products-All for £30!!

3. Combine the two! Have Both! With another £5 OFF

CACI Eye Revive AND 30-30-30 for £50

Book your Appointment by:

Calling 01273 772111

Texting 07958009193

Dermalogica 30-30-30 Offer:

30 minute facial, 30 day Dermalogica skin kit, all for £30!
Includes facemap and samples to use at home.

Give us a call or pop in to book this offer!
T.  01273 772111
M. 07958009193
E.  into.beauty@yahoo.co.uk

Be Hotter than July with this expose your back Offer!

Back and shoulders skin treatment 30% OFF at £35

Be proud to shamelessly expose your shoulders and back this summer.

Have the thorough and relaxing IntoBeauty Back Treatment for £35 a discount of 30% (usually £48)

Cleansing and purifying the skin on your back using Dermalogica products and then applying Arbonnes Seasource Detox Spa Seamud mask, a relaxing, warming and deeply skin conditioning seamud mask followed by a moisturising 10min back massage.

45 mins in all before you can leave us proud to expose your back and ready to bring peace to the world!

Beautiful June Offer!

Dermalogica AR35 Active Resurface 30% OFF at £35

For the whole month of JUNE, take advantage of this facial at 30% disciunt at £35 USUALLY £50

This is a potent, product-led treatment to reverse the signs of ageing and achieve luminous skin. A course is recommended. Highly effective on it’s own, for those clients with particularly deep rooted problems such as acne scarring or pigmentation.

This treatment uses a cocktail of Dermalogica’s most advanced skin care products to provide your skin with intense resurfacing to stimulate cellular renewal. Even the most sensitive skins can benefit from this treatment as the strength and efficacy of the products is tailored and increased to your skin’s tolerance.

This is a 45 minute treatment.

Your Skin will be gleaming and fresh, cool and calm when you leave us!

We look forward to seeing you!



T. 01273 772111    Txt. 07958009193

E. info@intobeauty.co.uk

A. 39B Salisbury Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3AA





April Spring Offer is here!

(available from 6th April to 30th)

75 min IntoBeauty Skin Treatment facial at 30% OFF at £39

Usually £56! 

IntoBeauty Is very proud of this DERMALOGICA facial, over 17 years it has improved and developed using all the latest and long standing Dermalogica products and innovations to become a complete and thorough monthly, or seasonal skin treatment. Our skins change every day, and so does this facial every time you visit, to reflect your skins requirements. The pressure point massage helps to drain the lymph, which in itself has an anti-ageing effect. Fundamentally, it is a facial with all bases covered!

This treatment is a double cleanse, an exfoliation to suit your skin, any skin blockages that need removing, facial massage, 1 or 2 masks depending on your skins requirements, the second one being a cooling and firming Algae mask, neck massage, then finishing with eye cream and appropriate moisturisers, SPF, and Primer if desired.

The treatment includes the use of electricals, where appropriate, again depending on your skins specific needs, which we can assess before and during the facial. This includes the use of the exceptional Professional Clarisonic Brush, and an item called a 'bt micro' which is an 'ultrasonic blade' this allows ingredients to go deeper into the skin or can be use to help deep cleanse or remove blockages. We also use steam during the facial, at a distance, to surround the skin with warmth and moisture, and allow ingredients to be more effective.

You will leave us with a calm, hydrated skin, clear and bright, ready to greet you public!


MAD March Offers!!

This month we go crazy!

A. 20%OFF Dermalogica Products ONLY TILL 17th MARCH!

B. 20%OFF Courses of CACI and/or Dermalogica IonActive facial for the WHOLE MONTH.

C. Mothers Day Treats: Book your Mum in on 26th March or buy her a Gift Voucher for the WHOLE MONTH.


A. 20% Off Dermalogica

20% OFF Any Dermalogica products, your favourites: Daily Microfoliant, Dynamic Skin Recovery, OR try something NEW or just Stock up!

Sample discounts: Daily Microfoliant, usually £41.75 will be £33.40, Dynamic Skin recovery usually £61.30 will be £49.04

Order Yours: 

1. Order in advance, by email on info@intobeauty.co.uk, call us and leave a message 01273 772111, or text us on 07958009193

2. Buy your goodies when you come to have your treatment.

Benefits: No delivery Charge, Collect when you are ready, and of course 20%Off your favourite product, which you know is good for your skin!

B. 20% Off Caci non surgical face lift Courses and Dermalogica IonActive Facial courses.

Examples: (many CACI combinations to choose from, contact us for your particular needs!)

10 x Eye Revive CACI £280 instead of £350

10 x Classic CACI £440 instead of £550,

10 x Classic Caci and wrinkle comb £520 instead of £650,

10 x Ultimate CACI £600 instead of£750

3 x Dermalogica IonActive Facial £180 usually £225.

C. Mothers Day - Show the Love

Buy your Mum our Special 1 hour treat, A 30 minute Back Massage, followed by the CACI Eye Revive to lift and brighten the eye area. She can receive a gift Voucher through the post, via email or you can collect!

Plus, if you book your Mum in for Sunday 26th your Mum gets a FREE Dermalogica Mini Gift and a Glass of Bubbly. We will be open from 10am til 3pm.

Price: 20% OFF at £50 (usually £63) for the greatest Love of your Life!

We look forward to hearing from you! 01273 772111

Get The LOVE in February

CACI Eye Revive and Jowl Lift Treatment 30%OFF £42

For the whole of February, take advantage of this offer at 30%OFF £42 instead of £60

For an eye lift with hydration all around the eyes to brighten and reduce lines, and sooo relaxing, meanwhile perking up the jawline! 

Yours for as many times you like this month til 28th. 




Cheery Face January

25% OFF Classic CACI

Until January 31st Get a whole 25% OFF Classic CACI at £41 (usually £55)

Lift those features to greet the New Year with a Cheery face!

Have as many Classic CACI's as you like before Jan 31st 2017 at this bargain price!


December Offers, Christmas Treats and Free Gifts!

'Twinkle’ with Decembers Special Offer - 25% OFF!

Demalogica ‘Window to the Soul’ eye treatment PLUS a ‘DeStress Massage’ to relax your body, brighten and revitalise the eye area, so you leave us with wide awake twinkle eyes and a relaxed shoulders. Total bliss!

Time 1hr 15mins. £50 (usually £66).


Also- Christmas Gifts OR, treat yourself! Gorgeous Gift Sets for the best skin care.

 We have these 3 Dermalogica gift sets:

 Skin Brightening Duo

Skin Perfecting Set

Body Buffing Set....

 Plus with every gift set sold we are giving away a Multi Vitamin Skin Care Kit, which can be gifted to a friend OR, KEEP it!



Best-selling Skin Brightening Duo-

Contains PreCleanse 150ml and Daily Microfoliant® 74g

£53.25 (retail value: £76.10).



Skin Perfecting Set-

Contains SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 22ml and Overnight Repair Serum 15ml

£67.60 (retail value: £97.20).



Body Buffing Set-

Contains Conditioning Body Wash 75ml, Body Hydrating Cream 75ml, Ultimate Buffing Cloth.

£15.50 (retail value:£36.45)



November Offers!

Two fabulous Special Offers for November from IntoBeauty...

1) Japenese Facelift Massage

Highly effective and popular, just using the fingertips!  £43, (usually £56), 60mins.

2) Get The Glow Facial PLUS Back Massage

£45, (usually £56), 60mins.

Have each as many times as you like this month!


Call IntoBeauty on 01273 772111.

or use the form on the contact page.


All new clients recieve 20% OFF their first treatment at Intobeauty!

 Recommend a friend and you too recieve 20% off your next treatment.

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